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Adam Ant in Flexipop June 1981
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Adam Ant in Flexipop June 1981


Winking nails inspiring by Band Of Outsiders sweater. I used pat on the black and a white I <3 Nail Art striping brush by Sally Hansen 
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Winking nails inspiring by Band Of Outsiders sweater. I used pat on the black and a white I <3 Nail Art striping brush by Sally Hansen 

by Anna Shakti Shakina
Oct 12, 2014
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Please America, ur breakin’ my <3..

I feel the need to write this though I have little confidence in my political voice because tbh I feel uninformed and uneducated. But as an American it has definitely come to my attention the flaws and corruption in our legal system. We are regressing. There is little integrity and moral in today’s legal system and something needs to be DONE. 

I think within this year we’ve all become more politically active, educated, and individualized in our thoughts (I mean that maybe more people are now being able to more firmly identify their beliefs and values). I thank the internet for this and fast circulation of trending information and though I sort of despise it also the people who are exalted and form a large following of a still relatively small number comparative to actual classic celebrities. These people gaining recognition for their personality, willingness to put themselves out there, individuality, style, popular ideas, etc. all pretty much based on the idea that their followers would love love love to be their friend irl but following them and some small interactions is the closest they will get (for most fans). All in all the internet is lightning fast at spreading information and we (the youth) are taking in a lot more information and being influenced and developing stronger beliefs. I personally think those beliefs are sort of planted inside a person within their personality and morals given their upbringing and basic individuality but are really drawn out when they read or hear or see something that solidifies those beliefs on a given topic.

Though my sister may not want me to disclose this I think it should be shared. It’s not as grave as many other stories I see floating around but it still deeply saddens me to know that the country to which I am a citizen to finds it acceptable to do this to young girls and all the other horrible things they do. My little sister is really outgoing and extroverted-she could walk up to almost anyone she wants and make a friend out of them. She’s beautiful, smart, and responsible. She does online homeschool so she has to take the initiative to get work in, etc. She plays soccer. She has a job (I didn’t even get my first job until I was out of high school wow wow shes so mature). She loves to socialize and that includes parties-raves, house parties, etc. So one winter night she was at a house party in Carrollton, Texas. The cops show up on a noise complaint. They end up giving 30+citations and a few arrests (some kids with warrants already). So this means that for each citation the county get like $200 or something. For most of the people the charge is for a minor drinking alcohol. My sister was 16 at the time of the party. She doesn’t drink or do any drugs though her friends do. She was given a citation for minor in possession though she blew a 0. My father had to come pick her up and the police overreacted to the situation (I suppose to scare the kids and I’m sure they got a kick out if it themselves). When my father arrived he was angry and the cop that was escorting my sister out took her back in for 10 min and then brought her right back out as a way to teach him a lesson? Fast Forward to the summer, she ends up having to go to court for this. Like half a year later…upon arriving we learned that her session got bumped because they can just put in ones of higher importance last minute no notice. Her court date was rescheduled to fall. She’s had it already and she remained guilty of minor in possession because she was in proximity of alcohol with other minors. My parents drink and always have alcohol at the house. She’s pretty much always in proximity and “possession” of alcohol. So this is on her record. She can get it expunged for a fee. More moneyyyy $$$ for the gov. I don’t know how much it will affect her employment and admission, but schools and employers have access to that info. 

This is just my personal experience or as close to personal, with the law. It’s unpleasant. Irrational. Plain not cool. But I’ve read, heard, seen photos and videos of other stories. Unarmed African-American citizens being shot at and treated with violence. Women who were with an abusive boyfriend/husband and charged with many years in prison for not stopping the abuse of their child(ren). Prosecutors say if it was their own child they would protect them no matter what. Unless they have been in that situation, they have no room to speak. They know nothing of the psychological, physical, emotional abuse those men put on women. The fear they have for someone they considered a lover. A fear so strong they feel powerless in protecting their own child. Then you, America take those traumatized women and put them in jail. You take away the only other parental unit that traumatized child had and you abuse your innocent citizens. Rape victims are fearful of coming forward. One reason being the humiliation they may have to endure in the court room. A persons sexual history does not have anything to do with getting raped. Because someone okayed sex that one time with that one person doesn’t mean they okayed it every other time for that same or any other person. The law goes as far to infringe itself onto people’s human right to do whatever they want with their body and their soul. Be it getting an abortion or marrying someone of the same sex. You are here to govern a body of people not people’s bodies. Gender is so fluid and is just now recognized as being so by many but not all people. It’s not black and white. You can’t control who someone is or who they love. As for abortion, just really. When a baby comes out the womb should it not be 0? It it supposed to be 9 months old already? Like ain’t no little celluloid of a pre-being gonna have any memory of life. It’s not murder. Let women do what they want with their own body. Even if you don’t close down all the clinics, allowing people to harass women who may be going through a difficult time or may be not but allowing them to be harassed by others for their choice of their body is morally wrong. The law and law enforcement is meant to protect the safety and wellbeing of its citizens so we can all get on with our lives without hurting ourselves or others. It’s supposed to be based on advanced civilized morals. But that’s not what the American legal system is about. Is it about profits? Is it just some government official that stands for us all in making uncivilized decisions on our part? I don’t know. But it’s not right. It’s not ok. I feel powerless but I want to make this better. 

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RICHARDS fall/winter 14 collection

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The Decemberists poster by There Is
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the reflection of that Ferris wheel!!

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awwww-cute I got you flowers.

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Just before nightfall I decided to take a walk outside. The sky was low, enveloping any object in its reach. It formed a dull, purplish haze - like nothing I’d seen before. The streets were empty. Not a single soul was out. It was oddly peaceful - imagining I was the only one left.

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I want to see a reality tv show where straight dudes have to read the shitty messages they send to women to their mothers.